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How To Donate a Pokemon
If you want to donate a pokemon you post what lvl is that pokemon and the pokemons nickname (If it has one) also the gender of that pokemon like if itr's a female or a male. Then if me or a Mod approves it you will get rewarded with some special prize.

How To Donate Money
If you wish to donate some money here is the scale of what you will get if you donate some money:
1500$-----Pichu lvl10
2000$-----Evee lvl11
3000$-----[9]Great Poitions
3500$-----[2]Ultra Potions
4000$-----[4]Ultra Poitions
4500$-----Egg lvl???
5000$-----Charmander lvl20
5500$-----TM 38
6000$-----TM 24
6500$-----TM 15
7000$-----TM 19
7500$-----TM 14
8000$-----Molters lvl5
8500$-----Groundon lvl5
9000$-----Kyoger lvl5
9500$-----Mew lvl5
1000000$----Shiny Mew lvl5
1000000$----Shiny Rainbow Golden Egg lvl???

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