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  Post Kenzan takes off^^ - Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:32 pm Reply with quote  

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*still early in the morning..Dad comes up to my room to wake me up*

Dad:Ken!WAKE UP! Sleepyhead....Ken!

Me:Argh...Get away dad just leave me for a minute or so..

Dad:This is the day you've been waiting for f**l, this is the day you get to have your own pokemon.......sigh.. and I thought you were serious about this...

Me:Okay,okay I'm up already...

Dad:Go down already , breakfasts waiting

Dad: well looks like your already prepared....go get your own pokemon from professor Elm now...now don't forget to show it to me okay?...

Me:Sure dad no problem...

*Ken leaves the house*

=New Bark Town=
Me: sigh give me a break...I live in this town and all but I still don't know what the professor looks like..better look around...
*sees a large lab-like building*
Me: Well this is it ? No other leads..might as well go inside...
*enters the lab*

=Prof Elm's Lab=
Me: Wow what a shabby place...

*Notices a pokemon battle*

Me:Whoa! Cool!...

*Lab guy stumbles into Kenzan*
Lab-guy:Oh sorry there, you must be Kenzan right? Uhmmm were in a pinch right now...A person is trying to rob all of our data research and my guard is losing to him...I already have an old age so can you please help me..

Me:Uhmm sure ...

Lab-guy:by the way my name is Elm,you can call me Professor Elm^^, I have 3 pokemon here, pick one..

*Kezan looks at the pokeballs*
Me:I'll take this one...

Prof.Elm: thats a totodile please help my guard...

*I rushed to help but it was already over*
Elm'sGuard:the robber escaped but he didn't take anything valuable...

Me:good grief...I was kinda nervous myself...

Elm'sGuard:but it was a sure loss for me..that trainer was uber strong...

Elm:It doesn't matter anymore..as long as everything's fine...young lad start your journey..the world of pokemon is a very wide place..experience everything and come visit us sometimes..good luck lad...take care of that totodile..^^

Me:I'll do my best.see yah..
*returns to the house*
*found a note and it read:
My son,
Since your now a trainer I will start looking for your mom.shes out there somewhere and I need to find her. Be strong I know that our paths will cross someday.Good luck and take care-Dad*

With nothing to lose I started to set off on my own journey with my totodile............

(I like stories^^)
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