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  Post Rules - Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:42 am Reply with quote  
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This rule is a very obvious one; you must not spam anywhere on the RPG. This means to post useless content or post in the wrong place knowingly, such as "Blah", "lul", "erweiwefj", and "pie". If you are caught spamming, you will be warned or banned.

2.)Your RPG Mod

Please do not ask to be another one, If you do you will probably not be able to be a Mod ever. But if we catch you helping new people you just might be rewarded to be a Mod.

3.)When You Start Your Journey

When you start posting your journey DO NOT,DO NOT copy a Fire Red, Or Emerald version of the story. You will have to make your own story up, If you are caught doing that a Mod will Delete that post.


You must not fight or argue with other users on the site; this could result in a ban or IP ban, depending on the severity of the post. This also means that you are not allowed to use racism or sexual harassment.


In the last version, we allowed swearing, due to many obvious reasons that were explained previously, however this rule has been changed, and therefore you must not swear any longer. We have disabled it due to the fact that advertising companies would suspend us for having it, and because it is a Pok´┐Żmon website.

6.)Adult Material

Do not post or give links to adult material - this includes pornography, sexual speech, and other mature content. Posting pornography is entirely pointless... and really, posting it on a Pok´┐Żmon site? If you do this, it is clear that you lack common sense, and you have absolutely no life.


Why do I even need to say this..? You must not use cheating devices or abuse possible cheats. If you decide to do so, you will be IP banned, and the chances of you being unbanned are extremely low. This site uses many scripts to determine whether you are cheating or not, and therefore, you will most likely be caught.


Do not attempt to hack this website and/or other users on it. Hacking is an extremely serious offense, and your ISP will be contacted if this is the case. If the attack is serious enough, your internet service provider may be forced to suspend you from using their services.

9.) Content/Idea Stealing

Do not steal content or ideas that were created by the Webmasters of this RPG. By idea stealing, we mean making your site look like ours, and using ideas that were developed by us - such as the Mines, Fishing, Pok´┐ŻBlock Feeding, Poffin Feeding, etc. This also means that you may not take ideas and edit them.

10.)Double Account Trading

Never create one or more accounts to obtain multiple Promotional Pok´┐Żmon, Story Mode Pok´┐Żmon, Event Pok´┐Żmon, etc. Basically, you may only use the second account for storing Pok´┐Żmon that were created on your main RPG account.

11.)Asking To Be A Staff Member
Do not ask us to promote you to a higher member status - as you will be warned or banned. You will only be promoted if you abide the rules, use good grammar, are helpful, and active. Asking will never help (and will in fact lower your chances); we will notice worthy users, and they will be elected to be promoted.

12.Pretending To Be A Staff Member

You must not pretend to be a staff user... doing so will result in an immediate ban or IP ban, depending on the severity of the offense. This is pretty common sense, and therefore, pretending to be a staff member will not be tolerated, ever. If you see people pretending to be a staff member, please report them.

13.Source Editing

Do not use a source editor to make it so buttons are not disabled when clicked, or basically anything else that could be categorized as cheating. Doing so is tracked (we can track specified known cheats), and you will be banned.

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